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All the Good Quilt Along | Week 1 | Let's Pick Our Fabrics

All the Good Quilt Along | Week 1 | Let's Pick Our Fabrics

So, together, MORE than 200 of us have all decided to start 2021 with All the Good and I don't know about you, but I am SOOOO ready for that! First, thank you for joining this little corner of the quilting world. I know there are SO many quilt patterns out there to make, and it means the world to me that you like the All the Good quilt enough to join. Each week we will work on a new step of the quilt together and each week will include a video tutorial that can be found on that week's blog post. But we are here because we are ready to get let's do this! 


Join the Jittery Wings Quilt Community 

It is part of the values of Jittery Wings to make new quilters and build up the quilt community. We invite you to join the community at Facebook to meet new quilters and find inspiration and encouragement. 

 Jittery Wings Quilt Co. Pattern Community Group


Note of Correction: Twice in here I say you need 8 FQ for the baby. I must have been tired that day. I misspoke. It is actually 12. 

I have made three All the Good quilts so far and each has been very different. This quilt is completely Fat Quarter friendly and depending on the size of quilt you plan to make you need either 12, 24 or 56 fat quarters. The simple truth that should bring piece of mind is that if your fat quarters look good together, your quilt will flow nicely. 

I do highly recommend not using large print fabrics as they will get lost in the small block sizes. Stick with blenders, solids and very small prints. For those who want a little extra support, I listed a Quilt Kit Fabric Bundle, while supplies last. 

Here are the images of my fabric bundles so you can get a sense for what I used. The first is from @cottoneerfabrics and the inspiration for the quilt. It was called Raspberry Lemonade. I changed out a number of these fabrics and added more to them. I repeated my lightest fabric, Cotton + Steel three times for the whiter nucleus of the first quilt I made. 

 raspberry lemonade quilt fabric bundle fat quarters cottoneer all the good quilt jittery wing quilts Co


The second was a bundle of Day in Paris Fabrics matched with some other blenders to make a little boy Baby Quilt. 

Day in paris quilt kit moda fabrics zen chic fabrics all the good quilt along jittery wings

And finally, the one that has truly become my favorite! It doesn't have a name, maybe you can make some suggestions... I merged these two bundles into one and removed a number of the ombre fabrics to add the solids. 

 all the good quilt pattern fabric shop solid fabrics kona solids

ombre fabrics kona solids all the good quilt fabric bundle fat quarter bundle moda fabrics v & co fabrics jittery wings

Again, I invite you to find those bundles that make your heart soar.

Tip #1

You may need to pull out a large print from a standard collection bundle, and replace it with a similar blender, but no worries there, you will use that other fat quarter in a different project. I pulled out the brown leaf strawberry fabric from this bundle. 

cottoneer fabrics all the good quilt quilt along fabric bundle fabric shop fat quarter shop quilt bundle


Tip #2

Choose a range of lights to dark to help the pattern flow. Equal amounts of light to dark is best, to provide some contrast. 

Tip #3

Arrange your fabrics using a ROYGBIV model. That stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Keeping your fabrics in this order will help you know if they flow together well. This works even if you only have three colors represented. 

If you decide on a single color, like blue or pink, maintain the wide range concept of lights to darks. 

Tip #4

This is a chance to use all the colors! I mean really, all of them...if you have large scraps or fat quarters in your stash, just throw them all in and then begin removing them one by one if they "clash" with the others. 

Tip #5

Pet your fabrics, they like that. 


Once you have chosen your fabrics, take a fun picture of your bundle in a stack and post it on social media. Remember to use #allthegoodqal #allthegoodquilt and #jitterywings so we can all see your choices and oogle over them! 

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Next week we will cut our fat quarters. Have a sharp rotary blade ready and a long ruler! I love my new Tula Pink Rotary Cutter. It will go fast, you will be amazed! 

all the good quilt along jittery wings quilt co fabric shop fat quarters quilt pattern

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