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All the Good Quilt Along | Week 2 | Cutting Our Fabrics

All the Good Quilt Along | Week 2 | Cutting Our Fabrics

Welcome back to week 2 of the All the Good Quilt Along! Thanks for being here as part of this awesome and encouraging community! I continue to be blown away and humbled by the response to this quilt. 

This week we are going to cut our fat quarters and to get us started, I have a little video with tips and tricks. Watch here.

Cutting is usually the least favorite part of quilt making, but because you can stack 4 fat quarters at a time, it will go super fast. I want to share a couple of tips for here and a couple of "why I did it that way" explanations. 

Tip #1

To press or not to press. You will note in the video that I did not press my fat quarters before I cut them. Why not? Best practice is to press them, but I am all about efficiency and I considered two things when making this decision. One, I didn't have a ton of time. The lack of time won, clearly, but the reason it won was because I knew I allowed for trim space in the 8 at a time HST method. Same for the Flying geese. Myy small rectangles were small enough it didn't make a difference - and I had extras of those. So, "I" made the decision not to press. Do as I say, not as a I do? Your call. NO judgements here. I am not about being the quilt police, I am about making more quilts and loving the process - so YOU DO YOU! 

Tip #2

Stack your fat quarters as thick as you feel comfortable, I chose 4, and cut them all at the same time. A new rotary blade will make cutting 4 at a time easier. 

Tip #3

Stack your fat quarters in a way that keeps similar colors together, or your color range in order. 

Tip #4

When lining up your stack, begin by lining up the selvages on all the fat quarters and then a second side. Begin with that second side, a longer side, to start with your first cut to clean up the edge. 

And there you have it! I hope you found this step easy and quick! Next week we are going to begin making our 8 at a time Half Square Triangles. I do have a Tutorial on how to make and cut those here. If you want to do a little pre-lesson, go for it. 

Remember to share photos of your progress using #allthegoodquilt and #jitterywings. If you finish and post your quilt top in time, and you post a picture of your little cut stacks, I will add that post as an extra entry into the giveaway! 

Special thanks to Hobbs Batting for offering a QUEEN size roll of the amazing Tuscany Batting as Part of this Quilt Along giveaway. 

Until next week, happy cutting! 

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