All the Good Quilt Along | Week 4 | Flying Geese Blocks

All the Good Quilt Along | Week 4 | Flying Geese Blocks

Welcome and Goofs!

First, let me say, welcome back! Second let me say, that I was super tired when I filmed this video and it know that kind of tired when you don't know what you are saying...pandemic tired! I made two verbal mistakes. One I found in editing and noted in the video. The other, I found when rewatching to write this post. In the video twice I refer to the A block as the larger block for your flying geese, but it is really suppose to be the B block. Soooo sorry about that...I know this is a group full of grace! So thanks in advance. 

Video Tutorial

Now, let's get to making those lovely flying geese because that is why we are all here! As always, let's watch the video to get us started. I spend a little time in here talking about matching up your colors. This process is the same as what we did last week with the HSTs. Refer back to that if you need a refresher. That is found here

Tip #1

Similar to matching up last weeks A blocks, this week we will be matching up B and D1-4 blocks. Use a similar process, but don't make all the exact same matches. The image here can help you see the flow of matching up the blocks. Note that on this RoyGBiv layout, I moved some of the B blocks around. 

Tip #2

As you match up your colors place your B blocks in a pile and your D1-D4 blocks together in a pile. To keep yourself organized as you sew, mark all the D blocks in advance with the diagonal lines. As you begin sewing, you can chain stitch. See the tutorial 29 Basic Quilt Terms to learn more about chain stitching. 

As you take D1 and D2 to sew onto B, lay your D3 and D4 to the side. Repeat this through the entire stack. Cut and press all the sewn pieces as per the instructions in the pattern, but be sure to keep them in order. Then you can repeat the process with your D3 and D4 pieces and they will be in order. 

Stack of Flying Geese, all the good quilt along, jittery wings quilt along, learn to make flying geese

Tip #3

Trim your flying geese. I have a full tutorial on trimming your flying geese. Read that here


So, friends, that is it for this week. Next week is a BIG week y'all! Next week we lay out our quilt tops. I have a full video tutorial ready for you to show you exactly what to do, so make sure you come right back next week! See you then! 

all the good quilt, flying geese block

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