All the Good Quilt Along | Week 4 | Flying Geese Blocks

Now, let's get to making those lovely flying geese because that is why we are all here! As always, let's start with the video to get us started. I spend a little time in here talking about matching up your colors. This process is the same as what we did last week with the HSTs. Refer back to that if you need a refresher.

All the Good Quilt Along | Week 3 | Making Half Square Triangles

Today we are going to make our Half Square Triangles (HST). The video below begins by explaining how to line up your colors and then goes into a second video about how to cut them. Watch it all to get you started and check out the tips below for matching up your colors. 

All the Good Quilt Along | Week 2 | Cutting Our Fabrics

Welcome back to week 2 of the All the Good Quilt Along! Thanks for being here as part of this awesome and encouraging community! I continue to be blown away and humbled by the response to this quilt.  This week we are going to cut our fat quarters and to get us started, I have a little video with tips and tricks. 

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