Renew Quilt Along | Week 3 | Corner Blocks and Flying Geese

Renew Quilt Along | Week 3 | Corner Blocks and Flying Geese

Welcome quilty friends to Week 3 of the Renew Quilt Along! This week we are going to make our corner blocks and begin piecing our flying geese. The corner blocks look way complicated, but they are actually only one additional step more than the center blocks we made last week. The flying geese piecing uses the no waste (4-at-a-time) method so, hold one, because if you have never used this method, you will love how fast it goes.

If you need an extra little tutorial on how to do that, you can find that on the blog here.

There is also a tutorial on how to trim them efficiently and neatly! That is here

Remember you can join us over in the Facebook Group to get tips and support along the way. The group is encouraging and supportive and knowledgeable! The group is closed and for quilters only in order to protect the integrity of the group, so I do ask a couple questions to make sure no creepy trolling bots get in.

Click here to join today:

Here we go...

Tips for This Week:

  1. Use a 50 wt thread to piece your blocks. Bulkier thread will lead to uneven seams as it makes the seam thicker and takes up fabric in the fold. 
  2. Take the time to match your your seams when sewing the two center strips of the corner blocks together. 
  3. Chain piece all the center strips. Then you can chain piece each edge. 
  4. For efficiency you can press all the corner block seams after sewing the full block together. 
  5. Use starch. It will help get crisp seams and help keep your blocks the same size. 
  6. Even up your blocks at the end. If they end up just inside 4 1/2" don't fret. They should still work. You can use a scant 1/4" when piecing the blocks. This may be the case if you use a thicker fabric like a Kona Solid. 
  7. You only need to begin making the Flying Geese this week, but by all means, if you want to work ahead - go for it! 

renew quilt along

Throughout the Quilt Along, use #renewquilt and #jitterywings so I can find your work.

renew quilt along

renew quilt along

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