Book Review of Design Make Quilt Modern by my Quilt Friend Heather Black

When Heather asked me to review her newest book Design Make Quilt, I was honored. Heather is easily one of the most talented quilt designers in my quilt circle. Each time one of her quilts pops up in my Instagram feed, I instantly know it is her without ever seeing her name and I am instantly wowed! Not only is Heather an exceptional designer and quilter, she is also a kind and generous person. Over the years, she has become a quilt friend and supported me along my own journey. In her book, you get a true sense of who she is, not only as a quilt, but as the amazing person God has created her to be. 

I love her foundational for, as she puts it, "designing and making more quilts that are 100% you." 

Her book is loaded from start to finish with design and quilt techniques, Heather left nothing back. She gave all of herself, her talent, and her skills to us, her readers. 

Book Bundle: Design, Make, Quilt Modern & Quilt Modern Curves and Bold Stripes

Taking a Skill Inventory

I absolutely LOVE this concept. As a designer, by nature, we lean into the things we are most comfortable with. Most of us feel like we know them in our gut, but there is something quite affirming about writing them down in a list. I also appreciate her honesty that even though we know how to do something, we may not enjoy it. These are truths about ourselves that we should pay consider, and Heather is a great reminder of this. 

Book Bundle: Design, Make, Quilt Modern & Quilt Modern Curves and Bold Stripes

It is All In Here

Heather includes the complete process of designing and finishing a quilt, from inspiration to color theory to quilting. She breaks down her own projects so you can follow her journey and take your own nuggets from there. This is the type of book you want to sit with while you jot down your takeaways in your own design journal. This is worth the read not only for those who want to design their own quilts, but for all quilters. This book will give you a foundational appreciate for the designs of others that you love piecing. It is also just really pretty to look at!

Thanks Heather for putting this gem out into the quilt community for all of us to learn from. 

Book Bundle: Design, Make, Quilt Modern & Quilt Modern Curves and Bold Stripes

4 Patterns Included

At the end of the book, you will find for complete patterns for Heather's gorgeous designs: Grounded, Moving Through, Around Town and Misprint. There are templates and detailed instructions with clear illustrations you would expect from someone so proficient with design software. 

To get your own copy of Heather's book, visit her shop here


 Heather's book was published by Stashbooks for CT Publishing. It is also available as an ebook. 

Follow Heather at @quiltachusetts on Instagram

Book review

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