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DIY the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall

DIY the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall

Raise your hand if spreading your quilt design out on the floor requires, sweeping, dog corralling, child dodging, and rushing to finish in time to pick it up...or never finishing because you never have time to leave it out long enough to decide? 

Honestly, it is also hard to "see" the quilt on the floor. But the wall, on the wall, you can step back and evaluate, move things around, and play! 

What You Should Consider Before Making a Wall

  • First, you should consider space. Perhaps you have a single wall as an option, but it isn't large enough for a full quilt design? 
  • Can you put it up and leave it or does it need to be able to "disappear?" 
  • How big is the largest quilt you anticipate making? 

Make a list of the things that matter to you in your design. There are LOTs of design options out there, but I often get questions about my design wall after videos, so this post will walk you through the process of how I created my wall and how it works. It serves my purposes, perfectly. 

Why the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall is the Best

This wall, that my husband helped me design is honestly the most valuable thing in my studio. I have had it for all 4 years I have been quilting. It allows me to actually "design." I lay out blocks, move them around and get the design exactly as I want it. I can leave a design up for days or weeks and it is never in the way. I can move a block or two when I am ready and not stress or rush. 

DIY the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall

It is also awesome because it slides. I have TWO of them that simply slide, one in front of the other. If I am working on a small project, I keep them stacked. When I am working on a Queen size quilt, I can slide them beside each other and get a full queen layout on both of them. Sliding them is super easy also because they weigh nothing at all. Not even a pound. 

DIY the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall

If I am only going to leave a design up for a short time, I don't need pins to keep the blocks there. If I feel like it may be there for a while, I do stick a pin in the top of the block, but pins go straight in through the insulation with no problem at all. And because they stick straight out, they are easy to see later so I don't loss them. 


  • 4' x 8' for a single slider
  • 8' x 8' for a double slider

How to Make the Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall


  1. Two pieces of R-Max R-Matte Plus-3 Continuous Insulation that I picked up at Lowes Home Improvement. (See image below of the label on the insulation.)
  2. Two pieces of batting that measures a minimum of 60" x 108". This is usually a queen size batting. You can trim off one side of the excess, as it usually measures 96", and save it for a future project. 
  3. Rubber Cement (glue)
  4. Masking Tape


  1. Clean an area of floor off well so you can place your batting on it flat. 
  2. Tape your batting flat to the floor (or use pins if you have carpet) so there are no wrinkles. Use masking tape. 
  3. Place the insulation toward one side of the batting leaving at least 6"-8" for fold over. 
  4. Cut the excess batting off leaving 8" for fold over and tape the new cut edge down flat. 
  5. Starting at the top, shorter width of the batting, begin spreading a generous amount of rubber cement on the insulation. It needs time to "dry a bit" and begin to turn a milky color. Rubber cement needs this time to work best. Once it does, fold the batting down over the rubber cement. 
  6. Continue in this manner working your way around the insulation. (Note that if the cement didn't turn milky first, then the batting doesn't completely secure to the insultation. The rubber cement will remain tacky. You may need to stick it back in places from time to time if this happens, but it isn't a big deal.) The last image below shows how the batting looks pressed over.

DIY the ultimate sliding quilt design wall


DIY Ultimate Sliding Quilt Design Wall

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