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Meet Your Sewing Machine

Meet Your Sewing Machine



Our sewing machines become our best friend and greatest tool when learning to quilt. In this video we meet our sewing machine from the inside out! Here are some of the key terms you will learn from this video - but there is soooo much more!

Presser Foot or "Foot": The attachment on your machine that cradles the needle and helps pull your fabric under it. It holds the fabric flat as you "feed" it through the machine. It rises and falls with the movement of your fabric in time with the feed dogs.

Feed Dogs: They look like two or three short, thin metal bars, crosscut with zig-zag-looking teeth. They move front to back inside long, thin slots at the needle plate. They "feed" your fabric through the machine, in timed steps depending on your speed and stitch length.

Walking Foot: Used for quilt sandwiches or thicker fabrics, the walking foot moves in time with the feed dogs to the bottom of the fabric does get pulled ahead of the top fabric.

Machine Needle: The needle that goes into your machine that your thread will run through to make each stitch. 

Bobbin: The spool that holds the bottom thread for your stitches.

Bobbin Case: Holds the Bobbin.

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