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Standard Quilt Sizes for Planning a Quilt Top and Batting

Standard Quilt Sizes

Use the chart below to help you plan out your quilt design. Some folks prefer a long drop on three sides, so they never come out of the covers when they roll around in their sleep. If this describes you, look at the bedspread size as your ideal quilt top size. I included a THROW* quilt in this chart, although it is not a standard mattress size, so you can plan out your batting. Throw quilts usually range in size from 50” to 70” wide and 50” to 80” long.

Not that standard comforters, coverlets and bedspreads include a drop on three sizes and lay flat under the pillow. If you’d like the quilt to come up over your pillows, add 10+” to the top of the quilt.

 At times, the size of a quilt block will dictate a reasonable drop. This chart notes the standard size of a mattress and store-bought products. It then contrasts those with a finished quilt top next to a standard batting size. standard quilt sizes, standard mattress sizes, planning out a quilt top, how to measure a quilt top, quilt top sizes, mattress sizes, quilt size chart, designing a quilt top, standard bed sizes, standard comforter sizes, standard batting sizes, quilt batting sizes, standard quilt batting sizes, how much batting do I need for my quilt, batting size for my quilt, batting for my longarm quilter, batting for my longarmer, quilt tutorial, learn to quilt, learn to design a quilt, how do I design my own quilt top

Tips for Selecting Batting

When selecting a standard batting size for your quilt, general practice is to select a size that measures 2” to 4” larger on all four sides of your quilt if you are quilting on a domestic (sit down) machine. If you are quilting on a longarm, the general practice is 4” to 6” longer. If you are hiring a longarm quilter, check with him/her to their preference if you are required to provide your own batting.

There are lots of great battings on the market, and some not so great one as well. We recommend and carry Hobbs Tuscany Batting. Learn more here

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