Plumply Fat Quarter Kit | Pure Solids from Art Gallery Fabrics

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These 7 Fat Quarters feel amazing first off...secondly, they complement each other so well. As I curated the bundle based on a larger print called Desert Flora I thought would make a lovely backing. You can add it here. This bundle includes: 

  • Potter's Clay
  • Sugar Plum
  • Peach Sherbet
  • Georgia Peach
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Golden Bronze
  • Vanilla Custard


About Fat Quarter Bundles

Fat Quarter Bundles are precut and offered in limited supply. Fat quarters usually cost more than a single 1/4 yard cut. We cut our bundles all at the same time, which allows us to charge the lower 1/4 yard price and pass that savings on to you. If you order two bundles, they will NOT be continuous cut. If you would like a half yard of each of the fabrics represented in this bundle, please order them as separate fabrics. 

fat quarter (pre-cut) measures 18" x 21/22" depending on the manufacturer. Fat quarters are the result of quartering a single yard of fabric. We love fat quarters around here. If you order two fat quarters, you will receive two separately cut pieces of fabric. 

*Please note that we do not accept returns for ordering the wrong amount. 

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