Waking Forest Fat Quarter Kit | Pure Solids from Art Gallery Fabrics

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These 9 Fat Quarters feel amazing first off...secondly, they complement each other so well. As I curated the bundle, it made me  think about the forest outside my window beginning to wake up for spring. This bundle is limited in quantity. If you would like to purchase the individual fabrics in larger quantities, the bundle includes: 

  • Fresh Sage
  • Pottery's Clay
  • Northern Waters
  • Ocean Fog
  • Dried Moss
  • Eucalyptus
  • Golden Bronze
  • Sugar Plum
  • Vanilla Custard


About Fat Quarter Bundles

Fat Quarter Bundles are precut and offered in limited supply. Fat quarters usually cost more than a single 1/4 yard cut. We cut our bundles all at the same time, which allows us to charge the lower 1/4 yard price and pass that savings on to you. If you order two bundles, they will NOT be continuous cut. If you would like a half yard of each of the fabrics represented in this bundle, please order them as separate fabrics. 

fat quarter (pre-cut) measures 18" x 21/22" depending on the manufacturer. Fat quarters are the result of quartering a single yard of fabric. We love fat quarters around here. If you order two fat quarters, you will receive two separately cut pieces of fabric. 

*Please note that we do not accept returns for ordering the wrong amount. 

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