Improve Your Practice Workbook: Free Motion Quilting

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Quilting that beautiful quilt top doesn't have to be frightening. In the hands of an confident and prepared quilter, your quilt top will come to life with beautiful free motion quilting. This book is designed for three types of quilters:

•Those who have wanted to try quilting their own quilt tops but have been too afraid to try;

•Those who have tried and felt like they failed; and,

•Those ready to just give it a try for the first time with no idea how they will do.

Quilter and designer, Mitzie Schafer, improves your free motion quilting practice by teaching you to read your body in relationship to your quilting. This book includes steps to prepare your machine, your body and your mind. Drills and motifs teach you the tools needed to reach a fluid and beautiful free motion quilting stitch. Conquer quilt fear with Improve Your Practice - Free Motion Quilting. This book is appropriate for those quilting on a domestic machine or a longarm.

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