Quilt Chrismon Pattern - Free Pattern

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This pattern book is intended as a free resource to help you make quilted Chrismons that point back to the true gift of Christmas - Jesus. Use the described process to make as many Chrismons as you’d like for your tree.

The material requirements are giving for making one of each of the 32 Chrismons listed in the pattern. There is enough fabric to get 7 Chrismons across the Width of Fabric (WOF) and 6 the width of the yard. You need fabric for the background, the image of the Chrismon, the back of the Chrismons, and for the back of the quilting. I recommend:

·         3 ½ yards of solid white fabric like a Kona for background, the back of the quilting and the back of the Chrismons.

·         1 yard of a gold fabric like an Essex Linen Metallic for the image of the Chrismon.

·         4 yards of 12” wide Steam a Seam Lite 2

·         Gold thread – I use Aurifil “Brass.”

·         White Thread – again, I use Aurifil.

·         Large scraps of batting or a baby quilt batting.

·         Your preferred “string” or “yarn” to use as the loops to hang your Chrismons.

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