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Quilters Dream 80/20 White

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Quilters Dream 80/20 is the newest Dream Batting, which debuted at Spring Quilt Market 2016. It is made with 80% high-grade long-staple USA cotton fiber blended with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully and breathes well. The long-staple cotton fiber reduces shrinkage and adds stability so that the stitches can be up to 8” apart. The poly microfibers add a loft and resistance to creases/wrinkles. There are no scrims, glues, or other binders to resist the needle, so this fine batting can be hand or machine quilted with ease. 


  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) for the slightly puckered look 
  • Available in white, natural, and “Dream Pink” to support late stage breast cancer research
  • Can be stitched up to 8" apart!
  • Soft and silky, with an excellent drape that hugs and flows
  • Excellent for both hand and machine quilting
  • Wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer
  • Breathable – there are no scims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Fine denier fibers bend when in contact with fabric, so they resist bearding


  • Slight Shrinkage (1-3%) after washing in cool
  • Can hold a very slight crease over time (can be fluffed out in the dryer, though!)
  • Not a 100% natural product (some manmade fibers) 
  • Not recommended for tied quilts

All Quilters Dream battings are proudly made in the USA, and each batting is hand-cut and hand-inspected to ensure superb quality is consistency. Quilters Dream does not sell to big-box chain stores and always encourages customers to support their locally owned quilt shop or quilting business! 

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